From Atheist to Christian


From a young age, I never liked being told what to do- by anyone, but particularly by my parents. Whether it came to homework, socialising, sports or tidying my room, my default setting was always to do the opposite of what they told me. Unsurprisingly, this mentality crept into my view of religion. I grew up in a Christian home, and I have been going to church since before I can remember. However, from a young age, I began to doubt the stories my parents had taught me and my Sunday school teachers had made us sing about and re-enact in silly homemade costumes. In some regards, I became an atheist as a child. I was rarely condemning or mocking of religious people. However, as a wannabe scientist, I found it difficult to understand how anyone could believe in anything, without hard evidence. God seemed to be the epitome of this- an invisible, inaudible, unmeasurable, indescribable God seemed to be totally empirically unverifiable. Therefore believing in Him, without evidence, or even the hope of evidence, was decidedly a stretch too far for me.

However, as you can probably guess, things changed. In my late teens, I began to have the urge to look into the evidence for and against the existence of God. I started digging into recorded debates, lectures, literature and the like, aiming to look objectively at whether there was indeed evidence for Christianity, atheism, or some other worldview. What I discovered totally transformed my life. After around six months of intense research I came to a crazy conclusion: the evidence pointed to Christianity! I found that the scientific, philosophical and historical evidence all converged on Christianity as the most evidence-based worldview there is. In fact, in the face of all this evidence, I gradually realised that it would have taken more blind faith to hold onto my atheism, than to convert to Christianity. I remember looking up and basically saying to God “OK God, you win.”

The evidence the convinced me, and continues to affirm Christianity is the subject of much of this blog, and my book Evidence for the Existence of God, so I won’t attempt to give a summary now. Suffice to say, the evidence won me over. I couldn’t help but accept God existed, Jesus was the saviour of mankind, and my life was better in His hands than mine.

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